Top 10 stock market websites

Top 10 stock market websites you must know

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Staying connected with the stock market and stock market news is very important for traders and investors for making good decisions regarding their investments. The Stock Market is famous for making people turn from poor to rich within no time; and vice versa as well, because of its volatile and unpredictable nature. However, dealing in Stock Market is not child’s play. One requires a deep understanding of the Stock Market, should be updated with the latest news and trends in the market, and should be profusely calculative to be able to make wise investment decisions. following Top 10 stock market websites will help you to stay connected with the stock market.

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Top 10 Stock market websites

An Investor and trader should know about the Top Share Market websites to execute stock analysis in India. investing in the stock market requires a factual set of knowledge and skills. For updating your knowledge and skills it is very important to stay connected with the market frequently. For daily news and updates associated with the share market, there are various stock market research websites available.

The stock market news and updates are unavoidable for stock traders and investors. if you are dealing with the stock market it is very important to stay connected with the market always and watch the movements of the market very closely. the revolutionary change in high-speed internet in the country reflected in the stock market also like new innovations, technical updations, etc. this change introduced a lot of websites relating to the stock market and business news which is essential for trading and investing. stock market and news websites become more popular these days. using such websites will help you to stay connected with the stock market 24×7.

in this post, we will discuss 10 top websites that help you to stay connected with the stock market and stay updated with market movements. it will help you to improve your stock market knowledge as well as your skills.

  • Money control
  • Screener
  • Economic times
  • NSE India
  • BSE India
  • Live mint
  • Investing
  • Market mojo
  • Equity master
  • Value research

Moneycontrol is the most popular stock research website among Indian Stock Investors. All types of information Including market news, trends, charts, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, and IPOs, etc. can be found on this website. personalized watch list and portfolio makes money control more attractive and helps to track your investments and make a wise decision about your financial instrument. and it also helps to stay connected with your holdings and favorite stocks always.

This website is promising all the fundamental and technical data of the company.also the website analyzing all the essential aspects of the stock market. Importantly, money control also has a mobile application on all platforms- Android, IOS, and windows. Money control also offers a pro version for additional features.

The screener is an excellent platform that carries out a fundamental and technical study of the stock. the screener is offering access to the financials of various Indian companies. However, on the website, all the features are free of cost and make it user-friendly. On screener, different financial data like PE ratio, profit and loss reports, balance sheet, quarterly results, etc. are accessible.

The screener allows powerful peer comparison which helps you to compare companies in the same sector and find out the best in the segment. and most importantly you can export data to excel which is a good feature of the screener. also, the screener allows users, to design their own screens based on their criteria.


Economic Times is one of the well-known websites for the Indian stock market updates. It is a website for stock analysis and stock market news. ET is providing accurate and timely news updates. ET is one of the oldest and most trusted stock market and business news portal.  On this website, the visitors can easily get detailed information and news of the company.

Like money control, economic times also provide a PRO option to its subscriber to access more features. Monthly, yearly, 2-year subscriptions are available. Also provides 15 days’ free trial if you are choosing a yearly or 2-year plan. Following the et market on its social media handles like Facebook and Twitter will be an advantage, it will help you to stay connected always. It has an amazing mobile application download the app for mobile is available on both android and iOS.

NSE is the official website of the National stock exchange (NSE). It provides information on all the companies listed on the NSE exchange along with their financials on this site. The information provided on this website is consistently updated thus more accurate. So professional stock traders and investors frequently visit NSE for analyzing day to day market conditions.

Since it is the official website of the NSE, we can trust and consider it as the most genuine website available for stock data. Almost every trader and investor prefer as the most dependable website for company data. NSE is an authentic website for analyzing and studying the Indian stock market. And it is very useful for fundamental and technical analysis. The information and data provided by NSE are accurate and up to date and most importantly you can find financial data of any listed company here because all the companies listed.


BSE India is another platform to seek out genuine information regarding a company trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The web site is rich with statistics data. also, it provides essential details of the companies for making a technical and fundamental study of the stock.

For different types of analyses, the historical data of the companies will be a good help. on the bse website, all the companies will update the data frequently as per the SEBI rules. BSE website contains important stock market news and updates in the different sectors.


Livemint dot com is one of the best Stock research websites in India. Live mint is owning by Hindustan Times Media. It contains a variety of posts regarding the stock market and finance. the Livemint website regularly updating important news in the country that may influence the selection of the stocks.

The main focus of the Livemint website is on business officials and policymakers. The website supports tracking all the updated development of the country which might affect the share price.

Investing dot com is a perfect website for doing a fundamental and technical study of the companies. This website making available important information about the stock market for analysis. The data available on the Investing website including charts, news, technical, forum, etc. Investing dot com is having a wide range of inbuilt tools for technical analysis and stock screening.

Since it is a global website, you will have to change the location for Indian market-related things.


The MarketMojo website is making available a full-scale analysis of the companies based on its quality, assessment, and trend. The Mojo Quality rank allows the user to compare the company’s long-lasting performance with its peers. Its Valuation is defining how the stock is valued at its current charge. Importantly, the most recent financial trend indicates if the company is presently on a progressive path and its ability to make profits. Marketmojo as well provides the ‘Portfolio Analyzer’.  Overall, Marketmojo is an amazing website for beginners who cannot study stocks their own.


Equity master is providing a wide range of analysis of stocks, including all the important data regarding the company such as its financial- balance sheet, ratios, trends, etc. are found. It also provides a variety of features to the investors for a stock study such as stock screener, company assessment, factsheets, sector reports, etc. By using the corporate comparison feature, the information of two companies based on different parameters can be compared.


This website provides investment suggestions, study, and knowledge of the stock markets and mutual funds. also, They cover nearly the whole range of investment ways available in India, together with mutual funds, stocks, and fixed-income investment choices so it makes it easy for investors to go through all their investment ideas on a single website.

Final thoughts

It is very important to stay connected with the stock market and market news. the accurate and timely stock market contents there are many websites are available. in this post, we discuss the top 10 Indian websites that will give you good stock market news and other content. these contents will enhance your stock market knowledge, and the live news about the stock market will help you to analyze the market and make a wise decision about your stock market activity. I hope this post will give you a basic idea about Indias top 10 stock market websites.

Happy Investing

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