Muhurat Trading 2023

Muhurat Trading 2023

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Muhurat Trading 2023 is an important occasion for the Indian trading community. Diwali is an auspicious day and the Indian stock market remains closed on this day. Diwali brings happiness to all. and people believe doing muhurat trading will be a good start for the year. and also to get a blessing from the goddess Laxmi. since it is a very special day. the Indian stock exchange will open for 1 hour. Muhurat Trade Is a very auspicious moment for the trader’s community in India. For Indian traders, the new financial year begins with Deepawali.

So people are looking to start their new financial year with the blessing of goddess Laxmi. As a Muhurat Trade Session, both BSE and NSE remain open for 60 minutes on Diwali evening. People do muhurat trades as a tradition, and also to seek blessings. many People do delivery trades on Muhurat trade to have a good trading year ahead.

What is Muhurat Trading? 

According to Hindu astrology, Muhurat is a time, which is considered auspicious to start something new. On Diwali, traders all over India come together to trade or invest money for the one-hour time. 

According to the Hindu calendar, the new year begins on Diwali. Hence, Muhurat Trading signifies that investing at that moment will yield good returns. The Indian stock exchanges remain closed on Diwali but are only open for one hour for the Muhurat Trading session. Muhurat Trading 2022 will happen on October 24, 2022.

Muhurat Trading Timings 2023

This year, the Muhurat Trading will be conducted on Sunday, 12th November 2023. muhurat trading 2023 timing is as follows.

Muhurat Trading SessionTiming
Block Deal Session5.45 PM to 6.00 PM
Pre-Open Market6.00 PM to 6.15 PM
6.00 PM to 6.08 PM (Order entry period)
6.08 PM to 6.15 PM (Matching period)
Normal Market Session6.15 PM to 7.15 PM
Special Pre-Open for re-listed stocks &IPO6.00 PM to 6.18 PM (Order entry period)
6.18 PM to 6.30 PM (Matching period)
Market Session
(Special Pre-Open for re-listed stocks &IPO)
6.30 PM to 7.15 PM
Call Auction Session6.20 PM to 7.05 PM (Order entry period)
7.05 PM to 7.15 PM (Matching period)
Closing 7.15 PM to 7.25 PM
Post-closing session7.25 PM to 7.35 PM

history of Muhurat Trading

According to the Hindu communities in India, Diwali is considered the new beginner/new year. people will open new accounts and close the previous balance sheet on this day. They pray to Goddess Laxmi for good business, wealth, prosperity, and success.   

The Bombay Stock Exchange BSE started the tradition of Muhurat Trading in 1957, and in 1992, NSE began to conduct it on Diwali. Nowadays, it has become symbolic for individual traders to trade on the day. 

What happens in Muhurat Trading?

The Muhurat Trading window is open only for one hour at a pre-decided time. the Muhurat Trading session is divided into the following parts:

  • Block Deal Session: Here, the buyer and seller agree to buy/sell a security at a fixed price and inform the stock exchange about the transaction.
  • Pre-Open Session: This session lasts for 15 minutes and consists of an Order entry period and a Matching period, this determines the equilibrium price.
  • Normal Market Session: just like the regular market session, it is a one-hour market session.
  • Call Auction Session: This session is for illiquid securities to trade.
  • Closing Session: market closes here, In this session, traders and investors can place the market order at the closing price.

Importance of Muhurat Trading Hour

Investment flows and festivals clarify their importance as they create the perfect scenario for new players to enter the market with vigor. The Muhurat Trading time will be pointedly interesting as all eyes will be on market trends. Businesses of all sizes are invited to buy and sell stock options during Diwali as many people are calculating the new financial year.
Moreover, this trend over the decades has led brokerage firms to adopt the practice, and the general perception of profit-seeking drives investment to this day. However, investors should make their decisions carefully as not all Diwali trends deliver the expected returns. Sell ​​shares as a gesture of acknowledging the auspiciousness of the day.

Who can benefit from Muhurat Trading?

For those who believe in auspicious planetary alignments, Diwali brings wealth and prosperity. Thus, Diwali can be a good day to start if you have never invested in stocks. Look for quality companies and buy stocks in sync with a long-term view in your investment plan. However, this is the case if you plan to enter the field of stock trading. It might be wise to watch the market while trading during Muhurat and perhaps make a paper trade to get the hang of it.
Muhurat Trading time is ideal to buy and sell stocks due to the high trading volume. Markets are also usually bullish as a celebratory mood centered around prosperity and wealth makes people optimistic about the economy and the stock market Diwali Muhurat Trading. Therefore, it is a good time for both experienced and new investors and traders to profit from Muhurat Trading sessions. The Muhurat Trading time is only one hour open for him, which makes the market very volatile. Therefore, it is advisable to be vigilant as a new trader. Experienced day traders can benefit from this session as most investors/traders are buying or selling ​​shares to acknowledge the day’s auspiciousness.
Muhurat Trading may not be as focused on profitability. Therefore, an experienced day trader can make big profits by taking a carefully considered position. 

How does Muhurat Trading influence stocks?

Considering stock market uncertainty, experts advise seeking insight from market experts, brokers, etc., or obtaining expertise and knowledge on managing their investments during such times. Even commodities are traded alongside stocks and require the eye of an experienced trader or broker to strategize regarding portfolios.

There is no shortage of information on the market’s performance during Muhurat Trading hours during previous Diwali market events, as multiple stock brokers frequently release reports on their performance before and after the trading day.

Considering the past decade, the post-Diwali days market is typically bullish, offering short-term investment opportunities for risk-averse investors. However, gold ETFs during Diwali is generally a safer bet as the price of gold is less affected if the stock market becomes volatile for an extended period. Nevertheless, prices are expected to remain positive by a small margin in the short term.

Even if you decide not to invest during the Muhurat Time, it is essential to monitor your portfolio due to the high activity. Therefore, decisions should be made with a long-term vision while encouraging token investments based on expert advice.

Final Thoughts

Muhurat Trading 2023 is happening on 12th November 2023. as we discussed, it is considered an auspicious occasion and considered to set a good beginning with gods blessing. it is purely an individual choice to follow this custom and belief. so participate in the Diwali muhurat trading as per your decision and belief.

Happy investing

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