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Why does the Stock Market Exist? Why is it so Important?

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A stock market is a public market where people can buy and sell shares on the stock exchange. The stocks, also known as equities, represent ownership in the company. Stock markets have existed for centuries. the oldest stock exchange was started in Belgium in 1531. The brokers and moneylenders used to meet there to deal with the businesses. However, they never used actual stocks but traded in promissory notes and bonds.

Later, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange was established in 1602 by the Dutch East India Company and regarded as the first real stock exchange. the stock market has many purposes, the most important is to provide companies with a source to raise capital for investment and expansion.

The stock market gives opportunities to the businesses and the public to transfer capital and ownership in a controlled, secure and managed environment. In addition to providing a convenient way for companies to raise capital and for individuals to increase wealth, the stock market helps keep a check on corporate regulation and increases the economic growth and prosperity of the nation.

Why do stock markets exist?

Why does the stock market exist? Stock markets exist to serve the wider economy. It helps investors to earn a profit on their income when they invest in the stock market and allows firms to spread their risks and receive large rewards. also, it allows the government to increase spending through the tax revenue they earn from corporations that trade on the stock exchange. The stock market plays an important role in the economy of a country in terms of spending and investment. Without stock markets, many countries in this world would not be as developed as they are. Alongside this, it has helped individuals become wealthy and increases the overall standard of living in many economies.

The stock market are very important in the economy of every country for the following reasons.

Why does the stock market exist?

  • The stock market serves as an indicator of the state of the economy.
  • It helps increase investment in the economy.
  • Stock market helps companies raise capital.
  • The stock market helps create personal wealth
  • Stock Market also affects non-investors in the economy

The stock market serves as an indicator of the state of the economy

The performance of the stock market is a rough indicator of how well the economy is performing. This often depends on the speculators and perceptions of investors in the market. A rise or fall in the price of shares represents what cycle the economy is in such as a recession or a boom. There is a symbiotic relationship between the state of the economy and the performance of the stock market. Economists use this as a way to analyze the past performance of investment and spending which helps them in the creation of new economic policies. The stock market serves as a barometer for the economy.

It helps increase investment in the economy

One of the key drivers of the Gross Domestic Product is the level of investment in the economy. Governments often create fiscal and monetary policies in the economy to promote greater investment. The stock market is considering to be one of the most prominent sources for people to invest money in.

Furthermore, investors are always looking to invest in companies with high growth potential. If the stock market is performing well, this not only increases investment from local investors but also attracts foreign direct investment as people abroad invest in the local stock exchange. For example, people in India can invest in the NYSE which helps increase GDP of the US economy and vice-versa.

Stock market helps companies raise capital

If stock markets did not exist, companies would have to resort to borrowing from the bank to raise money for expansion. This would be a burden on the company as they would have to repay the loans with interest. Fortunately, with stock markets, businesses have the ability to create an initial public offering and raise large amounts of cash without having to worry about repayment. Moreover, publicly traded companies have no obligation to pay dividends when they incur losses. Capital raised this way can help companies expand operations and create jobs in the economy. From a greater economic perspective, consumer spending increases,  governments can benefit from tax revenues and there will be lower levels of unemployment.

Stock market helps create personal wealth

The ability to generate personal wealth in the economy is one of the most important benefits of the stock market. For the individual investor, Stock market provides a way to invest your income to earn a share of the companies’ profits. The revenue they earn can increase spending in the economy that can have a multiplier effect. The increased spending by individuals leads to increased investment and employment.

Stock Market also affects non-investors in the economy

All members of society will be affected by the stock market performance regardless of whether or not they invest in stocks. People with pension funds and retirement accounts are impacted by low stock prices as the value of their accounts is tied to the stock market. Companies can also reduce employee benefits (pensions) as they can no longer afford to spend money on this which can delay the retirement age. Furthermore, when a company’s share price goes down, it affects job security as firms cut back on spending and many people could end up losing their jobs.

Final thoughts

The stock market plays a key role in every countries economy. countries treat their stock exchange indices as their economies benchmark. advantages of the stock market are countless. in this post, we discussed the importance of the stock market. I hope this post will give you a basics idea about the importance of the stock market. and also this post will give you the answer to Why does the stock market exist? as a stock market investor, we should know the importance of os the stock market.

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