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Top Card Swiping Machine Providers In India

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Card Swiping Machine is an essential part of today’s banking world. especially when it comes to the payments of shopping. Card Swiping Machine machines make the payments easy and super fast. nowadays almost all banks are providing swiping machines. in this post, we will discuss Top Card Swiping Machine Providers In India.

What is Card Swiping Machine?

We all have seen a card swiping machine at retail stores, shopping centers, etc. every time we go shopping. A card swiping machine allows you to pay for your purchases using your credit or debit card directly. So you don’t have to carry cash while roaming or going out shopping. The machine offers a secure payment gateway without any additional charges to the customer (if not implied by the bank).

Installing an online payment mode in your business can help it grow multiple folds. Customers will prefer to visit your shop time and again knowing that they can pay quickly using their cards. It helps you manage the checkout counter faster than ever. Also, it helps our country to go digitized.

TOP Card Swiping Machine Providers In India


One of the leading online payment solutions for small, medium, and large businesses Ezetap is a smart solution that offers direct payment acceptance at customers’ doorstep. You don’t need separate hardware like a card swiping machine as you can turn your smartphone into one. Ezetap transforms your smartphone into a digital payment terminal.

Ezetap also ventures into hardware solutions. The hardware is compact, sturdy and suitable for companies requiring fieldwork. With Ezetap you can transform your business’ working operations and provide better customer services too. Ezetap’s services have received praise from top financial institutions like Citibank and Bajaj Allianz. Evolve and grow your business by shifting towards digitization using Ezetap.

2.mPOS by ICICI Merchant Services

Accepting electronic payments has gotten much easier now with ICICI merchant services. Use the latest and advanced e-payment solution using mPOS that works wirelessly. You don’t even need to invest a lot of money and time in the ICICI merchant services. Just download the mPOS app in your smartphone, connect your smartphone to mPOS using Bluetooth, swipe the credit or debit card on mPOS, and complete the payment successfully.

The electronic transactions made via ICICI merchant services are safe and secure as they are encrypted and no data is stored on the mPOS device or your smartphone. You can keep track of reports and all the transactions you carried out from the records. ICICI merchant services were launched in 2009 in alliance with First Data and are serving more than six million small, medium, and large businesses.

3.HDFC Merchant Services

With HDFC Electronic Data Capture device (EDC) you can improve your customer services by offering electronic payment solutions using HDFC’s merchant services. The use of mPOS has proven to increase the productivity and profits of a business. You need to download the mPOS app on your smartphone and get a card reader. Connect the credit card reader to your smartphone using Bluetooth and you are good to go.

The payment is fast, secure through encryption, and reliable. You can download the app, register with your basic information, and once your account gets verified you can start accepting payments. HDFC merchant services offer a unique experience for you and your customers.

4.mSwipe Solutions

Setup mSwipe solution for accepting all kinds of payments including debit and credit cards, RuPay, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. This e-payment service is an affordable and effective solution and is approved by MasterCard mPOS with a certification from VISA Ready. It is considered to be the most secure payment gateway option and exceeds the industry’s standard.

The mSwipe users don’t need to open a separate bank account as the funds are transferred to your account directly via NEFT. Save paper and send the transaction receipts directly on your customers’ mobile. You have to pay a monthly rental of ₹350 and an initial setup fee anywhere between ₹2000-6000 (depends on your plan).

5.Ezee Pay Services

Ezee pay services are one of the most secure, reliable, and fastest electronic payment mPOS solutions. It offers a real-time payment transfer option and you can transfer the funds just by entering the receiver’s number and amount anytime, anywhere. You can also book your bus tickets for over 4500 routes.

Ezee pay offers multiple payment options and you can pay bills, purchase tickets, recharge your phones, and whatnot. This online payment solution takes care of your all transactions so you don’t have to carry around and pay in cash everywhere. Just open the Ezee app and pay where needed.

6.Axis Bank Online Payment Solution

Forget the hassle of the ‘limited cards accepted’ problem as now you can initiate payment of all types of credit and debit cards including Maestro, VISA, RuPay, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, etc. You can also transact domestic as well as international cards and its unique feature is it offers a currency conversion facility.

Always keep track of all the payments, transactions from the records, and if you face any issue you can always contact the support team. Axis bank has brought this unique online payment solution to take care of your business. No need for a PIN for transactions below ₹.2000.

7.SBI POS Terminals

SBI offers numerous point of sales terminal options each having its own purpose, features, and uniqueness. You can opt from options like PSTN, mPOS, ECR based terminals, NFC enabled, desktop GPRS, etc. The SBI POS terminals are ultra-secure and protect you from theft. It works seamlessly for merchants, thus, boosting their sales and increasing profits and productivity.

State Bank of India is one of the oldest and most trusted banks in India and is known for its best services. If you have any query you can contact the support team 24/7. There are no hidden service costs and no ‘minimum balance’ restrictions.

8.PayUmoney POS

Acquiring an mPOS has never been easier. To get PayUmoney all you need to do is submit a canceled cheque and copy of your PAN card that’s it! Once your documents are verified you can start accepting online payments too. This payment service does not require a minimum balance limit and you can connect your existing bank account directly to the payment gateway.

Get wireless internet connectivity through the network service provider of your choice. With PayUmoney you can pledge and do your bit in saving paper and send transaction receipts directly to the customer’s mobile. Thus, saving money, resources, and the environment. This payment service requires you to do a one-time recharge of ₹ 8,500. After that, you don’t have to pay monthly rentals like other electronic payment services.

9. PayTM POS

Paytm is one of the leading online payment platforms in India known for its numerous amazing services. You can book tickets, make recharges, pay bills, send money, and much more through Paytm. Now, this leading platform has launched Paytm POS for its customers’ convenience. If you don’t want to invest in a separate POS machine then know about Paytm POS.

Simply open the Paytm app then click on Accept Payment and then select the Accept Payment from Debit and Credit Card option. Once selected you will need to enter the transaction amount and customer’s mobile number. The customer will then receive a Paytm link which the customer has to use to pay through a Debit/Credit card or net banking method.

Final Thoughts

Card Swiping Machine makes our payment easy and fast. it became an essential part of today’s finance world. especially when it comes to accepting payments in shopping. many of us don’t know what is a Card Swiping Machine and who all provide this service. in this post, we discussed TOP Card Swiping Machine Providers In India. I hope this post will give you a good idea about the top card swiping machines available in India.

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