Top 20 Business Ideas

Top 20 Business Ideas for Beginners

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Staring a small-scale business is very easy these days, because of the rapid growth in technology we are able to do everything with the help of the internet and technology. so starting a business will be much easier than in the olden days. we will get ideas, methods, strategies for starting and building a business is available for free online. in this post we will discuss the Top 20 Business Ideas for Beginners. this post will help you to get a few good business ideas. go through the post and find your favorite ideas.

Top 20 Business Ideas

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business ideas for beginners. the main advantage of affiliate marketing is it does not require much initial investment. and this is a modern era of online marketing, we all know the importance of Flipkart, Amazon, or any other online store. online stores and online purchase is unavoidable in this modern world. so there is a huge opportunity in affiliate marketing. for making money through affiliate marketing, first, you need to become an affiliate partner on online platforms like Amazon. after that you need to market their product through your affiliate links. so if anyone buys a product from Amazon through your affiliate link you will get the commission amount.

Not only Amazon, Flipkart, meesho, etc are a few amazing affiliate marketing providers in India. so if you have a stable internet connection and a smartphone you can do affiliate marketing from anywhere in the world without initial investment.

2. Youtube Channel

As everyone knows youtube is another important way to make money online without any initial investment. the only thing you need is some good and catching ideas and a smartphone and internet. if your content is good enough, more and more people will reach your channel. if your channel grows and reaches a point where the channel satisfies googles conditions, they will allow you to put advertisements on your channel. you will get money from that advertisements.

If you create attractive content, and if you update your channel frequently there will be more and more viewers for your channel and videos. more views, you will get more money. always try to put quality contents that attract people. make small researches and find some amazing content. cooking, health tips, beauty tips, movies, and entertainment, etc are some hot topics on youtube. so you can research and find a topic, or you can create content according to your skills. for example if you are good at cooking, you can start a cooking channel.

3. Photography/Wedding/event photography

Freelance photography and events photography is some of the glamorous businesses these days. if you are good at photography and videography you can set up a team for event photography. in this business, you need an initial investment, for purchasing quality cameras and other gadgets. but if you work well, it is a good way to make money. if you are a passionate photographer then it will be easy for you to mark your identity in this field. and if you create social media handles to showcase your works, like Instagram, Facebook. more people will reach you for work.

4. Digital marketing / Advertising

In this modern era of the Internet, everything become online. each and every part of the world is connecting through the internet. so the traditional marketing and advertising system were also upgrading day by day. digital marketing and advertising are one of the best money-making businesses in recent times. the main advantage of this business is you need relatively less capital for this business to start. and you can do it from home also. the working style is simple, you need to plan and handle the advertisements and promotions of your client. you need to market the product online on different platforms. if you are a marketing enthusiast and if you are interested in this field, then definitely this is a good opportunity for you.

5. Courier / Delivery Services

Courier and delivery services are another small-scale business you can stat. it needs an initial investment. if you have a good team them you can start courier services and delivery services. or you can make partnership with reputed courier companies or delivery companies. if the business moves weel you can expand the business to large scale. delivery business has huge opportunities in recent time, especially in cities. Whether it is food delivery or other goods delivery, it is a good opportunity to build your business.

partnership with a reputed courier service company will help you to learn and experience the business. so if you wish to make it large scale you can expand your business and start your own company.

6. Blogging

Blogging is a part-time business idea. it is a hobby actually. but if you are truly passionate about blogging, you can make handsome money from blogging. you can create a blog with your interesting subjects. for example, finance, movies, sports, etc. then create quality content on that topic and update your blog regularly. if your blog satisfies Google Adsense condition, then they will put advertisements on your blog. from those advertisements you can earn a good amount of money monthly. always make sure you put catchy content and you regularly post content. that will help you to grow your blog and reach more audiences. if your blog grows well and reaches more audiences, you will get more money through the Google AdSense program. For blogging, you don’t need any initial investments. a laptop/computer and an Internet connection are enough.

7. Tuition Class-Online/offline education

Online tuition/coaching become a big business these days. especially after the corona lockdown, the demand for online coaching has increased. not only for students tutions but also for adults coachings like fitness, yoga, etc. if you are good in a particular topic you can sell your skill online. Whether it is academic or non-academic you can coach/teach people online. so if you are a skilled person in any academic or non-academic things you can choose this idea. you need less initial investment. but you have to be passionate about coaching and teaching.

8. Accountancy Services

If you are good in accountancy and if you have a good team, accountancy services is a good business idea for you. it is one of the most valued businesses too. individuals and business firms need services from accountants regarding their personal finance, business accounts, tax-related services, etc. you can work out this idea small scale, and if the business grows you can build a good Accountancy services business firm.

9. Event Planning & Management

Event planning and management are one of the best businesses that a beginner can start. you can start this business with a relatively small initial investment. and start with planning and managing small events. when you get the experience you can make this business bigger by managing large events. you need good communication and planning skills for this business. also a good team for the arrangements and management. event management has become an integral part of big events so if your work well and you advertise yourself you will get good clients. you can promote your works through free platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. that will help you to reach your work to more people.

10. Recruitment Services

This is a commission-base business idea. if you have a good team and good job contacts in HR teams in the city, this is a good business idea for you. your job is to connect a job seeker with an HR of the company. the candidate is OK for their job he gets a job in that company. for every placement, the candidate has to give a certain amount to you. in some cases the company will also pay you certain commissions. so it is a good city-based business idea for beginners.

11. Real Estate Agency

The real estate agency business is another low investment business idea for beginners. if you have good contacts with buyers and sellers you can do this business through your smartphone. you should have good contacts. and if you are having a good team it will be an added advantage. you can start this business without any physical office presence. after getting a few money or a few real estate deals, you can start a good office for expanding your business.

12. Catering Business

The catering business is a good business idea for beginners. in this case initial investment is needed. catering is an unavoidable part of big events, so if you are having good contacts you will get catering orders in the initial stage, and if your work is impressive more orders will come. if you have a good team for managing the business it will be an added advantage.

13. Home Made Food Business

If you are good at cooking, this is an amazing business opportunity for you. people are craving homemade food these days. especially people living in the city. also bachelor living in the city for a job. so if you cook well you can plan large-scale cooking and sell your food. if it is lunch it will be a good idea. because people prefer homemade lunches. also, snacks, bakery foods, cakes, etc can be made if you are good at baking. if you have a team for helping you that will be an added advantage

14. Football / Cricket Turf

Football turf is a good business idea for beginners. the shortage of free lands and public grounds is making your youth shrink to mobile games. but people are interested to play the games on the grounds. so a turf is the best solution for this. you can prepare a football turf in your own land or you can take land for lease. people will come and play and pay you for that.

15. Fitness center

If you are a fitness enthusiast then this business idea is for you. The initial investment is needed for this business because you have to buy fitness items for setting up the fitness center. you can start it as a low-scale business. as the business grows you can expand your fitness center. if you train well more people will come to your fitness center. so training is an important part here. you can also hire a trainer for that.

16. Boutique Store

A boutique store is a good business idea for those who are interested in fashion and design. you can start your business on a low scale and make it large scale as the business grows. if you are having a good team then it will be helpful for you to grow your business. promote your business through Facebook and Instagram, so that your work will reach more and more people and they will contact for works.

17. Handicrafts Seller

If you are good at handicrafts, it is a good business idea for you. nowadays demand for handicrafts items is increasing. the government also promotes handicraft products in some states. if you are able to promote your products on some free platforms it will help you to get some new orders. also, you can sell your handicraft products to dealers, shops, etc.

18. Dance Centre / Dance studio

Starting a dance studio is another low-cost business for a beginner. if you are a dance enthusiast this business is for you. you can set up a dance studio in your own space or a rented space. setup basic needs like lights, music, etc. people can come for dance practice, dance video shooting, etc. and you can charge an amount for a session or a particular hour. you can promote your studio online. and if people like the studio setup and services you will get more visitors.

19. Makeup Artist

Makeup Artists are one of the unavoidable parts of any function these days. let it be a commercial program or a personal program like marriage. we need the assistance of a makeup artist. so if you are interested in makeup. and if you are a certified makeup artist, this is a golden opportunity for you to build a business. The makeup business has wide scopes. personal makeup, wedding makeup, stage programs makeup, celebrity makeup, etc are some examples. if you are a passionate makeup artist, you can make this a business. this business needs initial investment for purchasing makeup products. if you are having a team it is easy to scale up your business. you can promote your makeup business online to showcase your skill so that more people will reach you.

20. Freelance content writer

Content writing is another good business idea for beginners. writing content for others’ needs and the idea is a good business idea these days. many private firms, private persons, startups need content writers. so if you are a skilled writer, it is a good business opportunity for you. you can accept those projects as freelance work and earn through this. the main attraction of this idea is you don’t need initial investments. you just need a computer and internet connection to start this business. if you wish to expand your business in the future you can hire staff and you can have a physical office presence.

Final Thoughts

A business is always a better option than a 9 to 5 job. but many of us are failing in owning a business due to many reasons. owning a business is always exciting. if we are executing our business plan well we can be successful in our business. learning and patience are very important in building a business. a business is starting from the learning phase. in this post, we will learn the Top 20 Business ideas in 2021.

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