RBI Governor

The RBI Governor- a complete list of the RBI Governors

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Every day we use currency notes. we exchange currency notes daily. ever noticed a signature in the currency note?. it is the signature of the RBI Governor. whos is RBI Governor? what are his duties and responsibilities? in this post, we will discuss the RBI governors and the responsibilities of the governor. also a complete list of the RBI Governors from its Inception.

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RBI Governors

The RBI Governor is the CEO of the Indian Central Bank and He is the Chairman of the Central Board of Directors. The RBI Governors are appointing by the government of India for a fixed time period. The Indian currency notes issuing by the Reserve Bank of India is signed by the Governor of the RBI. The following are a few key points about the RBI we must know.

  • Dr. Manmohan Singh is the only RBI Governor, who also became the Indian Prime Minister of India.
  • The first Indian Governor of The RBI was Mr C.D. Deshmukh
  • Ms KJ Udeshi was the first woman Deputy Governor of the RBI. During 10 June 2003 – 12 October 2005
  • RBI Governors is appointed by the PMO-Prime Minster’s Office. The recommendation of Union Finance Minister also considered while appointing the RBI Governors
  • The RBI Governors and Deputy Governors, are appointed as per the Section 8 of Reserve Bank of India Act 1934

Duties & Responsibilities of RBI Governor

  • The RBI governor is responsible for maintaining the monetary stability in the economy.
  • Playing an important role in formulating the policies of The RBI.
  • Facilitating and monitoring the flow of credit to small scale industries, rural, and agricultural sectors.
  • The responsibility for regulating state co.operative banks and regional rural banks, and other local area banks.
  • The Governor of RBI will manage external trade and payments. also, he will have to promote orderly development and maintenance of the foreign exchange market in India which is coming under the foreign exchange management act, 1999.
  • The governor of RBI has the responsibility of issuing licenses to open new foreign and private banks.
  • RBI governor leads and supervises primary co-operative banks through Urban Bank Departments.
  • The Governor is having the power to control the interest rates on advances and deposits of the country.
  • RBI Governor has to check on rules and regulations continuously, in order to make them more customer-friendly.
  • The Governor is regulating and administrating the financial system of the entire nation, the governor has to set the parameters within which the entire financial system of the country functions.
  • The governor will Monitor the number of currency notes and coins that are circulating in the country and he is responsible for the issuance and destruction of currencies ( currencies are distructed when it is not fit for circulating)

List of Governors Of Reserve Bank of India

RBI GovernorsTime period- fromTo
Sir O.Smith01 April 193530 June 1937
Sir Jb.Taylor01 July 1937 17 February 1943
Sir C.D. Deshmukh11 August 1943 30 June 1949
Sir Bengal Rama Rau01 July 1949 14 January 1957
K.G. Ambegaonkar14 January 195728 February 1957
H.V.R Lyengar01 March 1957 28 February 1962
P.C Bhattacharya01 March 1962 30 June 1967
L.K. Jha01 July 1967 03 May 1970
B.N. Adarkar04 May 197015 June 1970
S. Jagannathan16 June 1970 19 May 1975
NC Sen Gupta19 May 1975 19 August 1975
K.R. Puri20 August 1975 02 May 1977
M. Narasimham03 May 197730 November 1977
I.G. Patel01 December 1977 15 September 1982
Manmohan Singh16 September 1982 14 January 1985
Amitav Gosh15 January 1985 04 February 1985
R.N. Malhotra04 February 1985 22 December 1990
S. Venkitaramanan22 December 1990 21 December 1992
C. Rangarajan22 December 1992 21 November 1997
Bimal Jalan22 November 1997 06 September 2003
Y.V. Reddy06 September 2003 05 September 2008
D. Subbarao05 September 2008 04 September 2013
Raghuram G. Raj an04 September 201304 September 2016
Urjit Ravindra Patel04 September 2016 10 December 2018
Shaktikanta Das12 December 2018 to date

Final Thoughts

The RBI Governor is playing a key role in the entire functionality of the reserve bank. In this post we discussed the duties and responsibilities of the RBI Governors. also a complete list of the RBI Governors. i hope this post will help you to understand the RBI Governor.

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