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IPO List, current-ongoing-listed IPOs

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IPO List of current, ongoing IPOs is listed on this post. you can find the company name on the list and click on the name to find a detailed analysis of the IPO.

Name of the companyType of IPOListing ExchangeLot SizeIssue SizeIssue PriceOpening dateClosing date
Antony waste IPOBook BuildingBSE & NSE47₹300 Cr₹313 -₹31521 Dec 202023 Dec 2020
Mrs. Bectors Food IPOBook BuildingBSE & NSE50₹550 Cr₹286 -₹288 15 Dec 202017 Dec 2020
Burger King IPOBook BuildingBSE & NSE250₹810 Cr₹59-₹6002 Dec 202004 Dec 2020
Net Pix Shorts IPOFixed priceBSE Emerge4000₹2.70 Cr₹3018 Nov 202023 Nov 2020
Gland Pharma IPOBook BuildingBSE & NSE10₹ 6,479.55Cr₹150009 Nov 202011 Nov 2020
Shine Fashions IPOFixed priceBSE Emerge3000₹1.60 Cr₹4022 Oct 202026 Oct 2020
Equitas SFB IPOBook BuilidngBSE & NSE450₹517.60 Cr₹3320 Oct 202022 Oct 2020
Bodhi Tree Ltd IPOFixed priceNSE Emerge1200₹3.71 Cr₹9509 Oct 202013 Oct 2020
Veer Global Ltd IPOFixed priceBSE Emerge4000₹4.92 Cr₹2830 Sep 202009 Oct 2020
Atal Realtech Ltd IPOFixed priceNSE Emerge1600₹10.83 Cr₹7230 Sep 202007 Oct 2020
GM Polyplast Ltd IPOFixed priceBSE Emerge800₹8.09 Cr₹15930 Sep 202006 Oct 2020
AAA Technologies IPOFixed priceNSE Emerge3000₹10.23 Cr₹4230 Sep 202005 Oct 2020
Sigma Solve Ltd IPOFixed priceNSE Emerge3000₹4.95 Cr₹4529 Sep 202009 Oct 2020
Likhitha Infra Ltd IPOBook buildingBSE & NSE125₹61.20 Cr₹12029 Sep 202001 Oct 2020
Mazagon Dock Ltd IPOBook buildingBSE & NSE103₹443.69 Cr₹14529 Sep 202001 Oct 2020
UTI AMC Ltd IPOBook buildingBSE & NSE27₹2159.88 Cr₹55429 Sep 202001 Oct 2020
Angel Broking Ltd IPOBook buildingBSE & NSE49₹601.97 Cr₹30622 Sep 202024 Sep 2020
CHEMCON Ltd IPO Book BuildingBSE & NSE44₹340 Cr₹34021 Sep 202023 Sep 2020
CAMS Ltd IPOBook BuildingBSE12₹2244.33 Cr₹123021 Sep 202023 Sep 2020

Final thoughts

Applying for IPO is purely a personal choice. Click on the links in the IPO List and study well about the company and do subscribe if you are feeling good about the company.

happy investing

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