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Welcome to FinvestFox.

Most of the surveys say that financial literacy is very poor in India. it is because finance is not a basic study subject at the school level in India. people learn finance as a part of their higher education only.

Financial literacy enables people to make wise decisions bout their finance, above all, it helps to improve our financial knowledge. Here, you can find simple and easily understanding topics about finance and investments that help you to improve your knowledge and ideas.

Aim of finvestfox is to spread financial literacy by providing finance and stock market-related knowledge and updates. In this blog, we are planning to talk about the Stock market, mutual funds, other investing ideas, and many more.

FinvestFox will not promote any paid services, also we are not SEBI registered analyst or certified financial expert, this blog is created purely for educational purpose only. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for updates.



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