former Indian stock exchanges

Former Indian stock exchanges

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A stock exchange or a security exchange is a facility where the exchange of financial instruments like securities, derivatives, and bonds, etc are done. we made a detailed discussion about the Indian stock exchanges that are currently active and registered under SEBI. now in this post, we will see a list of former exchanges that stopped functioning.

In India, there were a number of stock exchanges in the past, especially regional exchanges. due to strict regulations introduced by The SEBI 20 of them stopped functioning. as a stock trader and investor, we must know about the history of stock exchanges also. even though they are stoped functioning, they were a part of Indian stock exchanges. so let’s know which are the Former Indian stock exchanges that stopped functioning.

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List of former stock exchanges in India

noName of Exchangeyear of
1Mangalore Stock Exchange2004
2Bhubaneshwar Stock Exchange2005
3Magadh Stock Exchange2007
4Hyderabad Stock Exchange2007
5Coimbatore Stock Exchange2009
6Trivandrum Stock Exchange2010
7Ludhiana Stock Exchange2014
8Inter-connected Stock Exchange2014
9Cochin Stock Exchange2014
10Banglore Stock Exchange2014
11UP Stock Exchange2015
12Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange2015
13OTC Stock Exchange2015
14Madras Stock Exchange2015
15Vadodara Stock Exchange2015
16Jaipur Stock Exchange2015
17Pune Stock Exchange2015
18Guwahati Stock Exchange2015
19Delhi Stock Exchange2017
20Ahmedabad Stock Exchange2018
former Indian stock exchanges

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Closing thoughts.

As an Investor, we always need to update our knowledge. former exchanges had an important role in India`s growth in the economy. so we must at least know the name of former stock exchanges in India. it is a part of growing our stock market knowledge. I hope this post helped you to understand about former Indian stock exchanges.

happy investing.

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